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Nez Cosmetics

Sugar Shea Body Scrub

Sugar Shea Body Scrub

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Nez Cosmetics introduces our first Sugar Shea Body Scrub that smooths and remove dry skin revealing a smooth, soft and glowing body.

Sugar Shea Body Scrub is the best product to use in shower or bath experience to gently and naturally exfoliate dead skin cells , increase circulation to the skin surface, provide deep moisture and promote skin elasticity. 

Our intoxicating Fresh Warm Sugar scent is universal pleasing for a wonderful in shower experience that does not linger or interfere with your scent products . 


How to use: For use in shower or bath. Apply a generous amount on damp skin and massage in circular yet even motions for a gentle exfoliation experience. Rinse well and continue in shower or bath experience by applying soap or body cleansing products immediately following. 


This product is Vegan, sulfate- free, silicone- free and alcohol free

 This product is 10 oz /283 g 

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